What to do if you are unemployed

The phase when you are not actively indulged into any kind of job is the toughest time in one’s life. You keep on searching for a desired position in your dream company or let’s say in any of prestigious company, updating your profiles on various job sites and hoping for a call from the recruiters. Well! What you do with tons of pressure (job search obviously) you can do the same with an ease, along with doing something productive to support your candidature.

Here are some amazingly workable ideas which the book suggest to you to practice if you are on a working holiday out of no choice –

Part time jobs – Pursue a temporary, or contract position, while you are hunting for a full-time job.

Volunteer, provide pro bono work, take on a consulting contract, or complete an internship or apprenticeship.

Contact several temporary work agencies, or go visit business in which you have an interest.


Family business –

Do you have relatives or friends who own or run a business? Contact them since they might give you a job, even if it is short-term. Working for family and friends and helping them to give a boost to their work or business is indeed a good idea.

  1. Work from home –

With the advent of the Internet and computers, it is easier than ever to do real work from home. From copywriting to doing proposals to preparing tax returns, there is no limit to the options. There are also some good sites that you can upload your profile on. These include websites that can offer freelance work in the area of your expertise. Check these sites – www.odesk.com & www.freelancer.com

  1. BPO jobs –

BPOs are hiring all the time. Plan and go get that job.


Professional Certification, Go for it –  Pursue professional development by doing certification courses to enhance your skills and capabilities.You can also increase your education by attending seminars and industry conferences. You can also do many other free or low cost courses for enhancing your education and credentials. Click the site www.iactglobal.in

Utilizing time wisely can carry some weight to your job hunt. So, if you or anyone in your contact is undergoing the same situation, start following the above advice. With this, you will lay a strong foundation for your career.

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