The magic of saying Thank you!

“Once your interview is over, be sure to send a thank-you letter as soon as possible. If you have met more than one person and each person is a key contributor to the recruiting decision, then you should send a thank-you letter to each of them. These letters should be personalized for each individual and should not be generic,” Guru explained.

Wow! I have never seen anyone do that. Does it work in India? Jai asked.

“Yes, it does! Let me assure you that these are very simple ideas, but difficult to follow. Most candidates don’t do this and that is why you can be the winner if you do this.”

Use every follow-up contact as a chance to build your value.

It has been found that 99 percent of the candidates in India do not write a thank you letter after their interview is over. Actually, this trend is not very much recognized here, as we think that once the interview is over it is the recruiter’s call to take the next step by either selecting or rejecting us. But, leaving a simple thank you letter after you have done with your interview can leave a lasting impression on the recruiters about the professionalism you carry.

However, you need to avoid brown nosing while writing the thank you letter; it should not look like you are buttering to get selected for the job. Mention your gratitude for the interview. You can even mention any additional information about you that could help the company to take the decision.

Remember, following up with a polite and honest gesture will always add some value to your candidature.So,

Just go for it!