Start saying good bye to confusion

Jai, Veeru, and Priya were now completely adept at their college presentations. They had incorporated all the learning that they gained from their interactions with Guru into their presentations.

The more success they were getting at college presentations, the more confused Priya was getting. “Should I take up a job or start this venture where I can help thousands of students in getting a good job?” she asked Jai, who had no clear answer for her.

“I am not surprised that you are a little confused,” Guru replied when Priya met him for advice. “Freshers are often confused about their career choices.”

“A lot of freshers ask me this question on a regular basis. If you too have this problem, the MBTI can help you,” Guru said.

It may happen if you are a fresher that you find yourself unable to decide which option will be the best for your career? In this situation, you seek some guidance from any experienced person. The notable thing here is that it is not possible all the times that you get a satisfactory help. So,

What next?

You start searching on the internet, gather different views from different people and get deeper into the trap of confusion. Remember, every person has a different level of potential and attitude toward the work and life, which exactly converts into their experiences and later on into the advice they give to a fresher like you.

You can follow people at your own risk and understanding but, it is always advisable to take the calculated risk to succeed in your career path. The book “Dream job in 90 days” is designed in such a way that it offers a helping hand to all those job seekers who had to suffer in their career in the absence of a proper guidance on the job search or who have just begun the fight for their dream job.

Learn every small detail inside the book and master the skill of job hunt.