How to move on the right track during a job interview?

“The first few seconds of your interview meeting will set the tone for the interview. So when you meet the interviewer, look straight into his eyes, smile and say, ‘I was looking forward to meeting you.’ And you can set the ball rolling on a positive note,” Guru said.

“Interviews usually run in three different stages. In the first two stages, they ask, you tell, they judge and you sell. In the third stage, if you have played well so far, you can turn the tables. They start selling and you ask, and then you know that you are going in the right direction!”

This is a well-known fact that “the first impression is the last impression.” When it comes on your d-day that is, the day of your interview with the recruiter, you must be ready in proper formal attire, do not ignore a single detail about it. This will not only make you look presentable but also confident from within.

Next is the track of interview, one of the most important but a wide point of concern for most of the candidates. While going through the book “dream job in 90 days”, you will see that the whole interview procedure runs on a very simple canon of ‘ask & tell, judge & sell.’  The book makes you a jack of this technique with its every chapter tending you to introspect and take necessary actions to improve your profile and skills.

For instance, there is a common question asked by most of the recruiters – Tell me something about yourself? A number of candidates answer this question in a general introductory manner while the desired response is your professional summary. According to the book, your answer to this question can prove a master stroke if pitched properly. This is the Elevator Pitch of your interview.