How to make failure a launch pad for your dream job

“Are you saying that with continuous testing, we can improve our chances of getting a job?” Veeru asked.

“Definitely yes. Reality is a great teacher if you let it speak itself. The recruiters who click on your profile and call you will tell you what they want if you ask them. They’ll show you what they want if you watch them. Every failure is an opportunity to improve, as long as you are asking the right question,” Guru said.

Improvement comes with the will to improve. It may happen that you don’t get through the selection procedure at once. But, this doesn’t mean that you start doubting your efforts. It is rare to find a candidate who inquires for the reason behind being rejected from the recruiter. Usually, most of the candidates accept whatever the outcome is.

No doubt introspection can help you to find out what went wrong and work on that, but if you take a small stand to directly ask the recruiters for the reason of not getting selected, it can ease the road of improvement for you and saves your precious time. You can invest that time in ratifying that shortcoming of yours.

Rather, you should now put your efforts not just to improve on that mistake ground but to excel the same before you go for the next interview. You should not hesitate while asking the recruiters why you were not selected post the interview or what are the areas of improvements you need to work upon as per them?

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