Don’t slip when the success is closest to you

He submitted his resignation to Hitler, who delivered a long monologue on how he had made Jai whatever he was today. And that he was happy to know that he was moving for better career prospects. Hitler wished him luck and both silently wished that they would never see each other again.

Resigning was the easy part for Jai. The more difficult part was to decide whatever to take up one of the offers he had or to start the new venture that he has been planning with Veeru and Priya.

When you follow the right guidelines and a correct strategy for job hunt your career automatically moves on the right track. All your efforts start showing their emphasis by bringing you the opportunity which you always wanted for your career.

The impact of these opportunities depends on the volume of efforts you put to improve your presentation both in front of the recruiter as well as on your profile improvement.

Once you look yourself succeeding on your career path, don’t mess the things in overexcitement. Remember, the race is still on and twists usually come in the last 100 meters.

A job which is paying you higher as compared to other may or may not be the best suit for your future. How to finalize the offer you should accept and how to decline others? is a dilemma that most of us face in this process. Well, you can learn how to face this situation inside the book “Dream job in 90 days,” with the live example of Jai who got two amazing opportunities and was confused initially which one to pick.