5 simple steps to get your dream job

(Part one)

It may or may not be that the first job you get is exactly the same you wanted for your career. A survey shows that 60-70% professionals in India are not happy with their job and 80-85% of them are looking for a job change.

Are you one of them?

Your current job may not be the same as you dreamed of, but, there is certainly a way to meet that. Follow 5 simple steps described below to get your dream job –

1. Select (wisely)

2. Script (the right way)

3. Search (effectively)

4. Background research (MUST)

5. A winning presentation (Master-Stroke)

Working on your dream job is more like working on a movie. May sound funny, but both the goals are quite same. Let us make you understand how; by knowing this you will automatically understand the simple steps you need to take to get your dream job.

  1. Select – While searching for any kind of job the prime document is your Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV). You have to become very specific toward the things you want to showcase to the recruiters. They must be genuine and relevant to the job you are looking for. Remember, this is your first impression on the recruiters.

But, a strong foundation cannot be formed with poor bricks. Get the relevant education; assemble everything that can build a strong foundation for your dream job. (Big budget, popular faces & heavy promotions couldn’t save Bombay Velvet from being a disaster; hope you have heard the name of the film). So, select the content wisely.

  1. Script – The way you have written the resume plays a pivotal role to get on the priority list of recruiters. Information must be clear and concise. Mention all you have collected in an effective manner so that; it shines in the eye of the selectors. (Recall any of the Blockbuster movies; it would certainly have an appealing script) So, make one.

Preparing an impressive resume is the first step toward getting a dream job. Have you prepared one? Well, if you are yet to meet your dream job, you must start following these steps now.

For more hidden secrets of an effective job search go through the book “dream job in 90 days”.

Your bright future is a step a book ahead…

PS. – Wait for the second part to know where do you miss in job search and how a bit of research and shining presentation can give a perfect finish to your quest for the dream job.