5 simple steps to get your dream job


A dream job is something we all want to meet in our lives. To, help you achieve the same we told you five simple steps. The primary two steps i.e. select and script were elaborated in the Part one of the blog 5 simple steps to get your dream job. Here we are with the remaining three steps to get you closer to your dream job.

  1. Search Job search is an art, known to a few people. Yes! It is indeed an art to make your profile on various job sites and catch the eye of recruiters with that. There are two angles of job search i. Candidates view and ii. Recruiter’s view. Most of the job searchers know only first one, that too just half of it. Only a selected lot of candidates are aware of the recruiter’s view. Those who know this, remain successful getting their dream job in the maiden attempt.

(Biopic movies are in trend nowadays… ever thought why?) It’s important to know what the audience (recruiter, in this case) is looking for.

  1. Background work Once you are shortlisted for the job interview do a good research about the company, its services, latest news or advancement in the related sector or anything valuable. You will feel more confident facing the interview. Try if you can gather some new information related to the work. It will not only show your interest and efforts but, will make you shine in the eye of the selectors. (Hardly any of us were familiar with the success stories of Milkha Singh, M.S.Dhoni, Mary Com, or Neerja Bhanot before the films were released based on their lives. These films were more like a re-success for their career) Investing time in research is a must.
  2. Presentation – This is the most important part of working toward your dream job. Your selection depends 90% on the way you present yourself in front of the recruiters. Your communication skills, etiquette, and looks everything is important here. (How did an ordinary boy from Jaipur, Irfan Ali Khan, become so popular in Indian and British Film Industries; leaving a number of popular faces behind?). You are judged on what and how you showcase. Basically, you are the controller of getting yourself selected or rejected.


By following the above steps you can easily meet your dream job. These are the building blocks for both fresher as well as the working professionals to build their dream career. If you are yet to meet your dream job, you must start following these steps now. For more hidden secrets of an effective job search go through the book “dream job in 90 days”.

Remember, your bright future is just a step a book ahead…

Wish you all the luck!